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  • When was Myers Industries founded?

    Myers Industries was founded in Akron, Ohio in 1933, when two brothers saw an opportunity in the tire repair and retread industry. Meyer and Louis Myers' partnership was based on a $620 loan, some merchandise and a used pick-up truck. From their small storefront, the brothers were dedicated to selling "everything for the tire dealer", including tire repair patches and hand tools. To learn more, view the Company Timeline.

  • Myers Industries started as a distributor. When did manufacturing operations begin?

    In 1946, as Myers Tire Supply expanded, the brothers started two manufacturing operations: Patch Rubber Company, to produce ready-made tire patches; and Akro-Mils, to produce plastic and metal storage products. These products were sold through the Myers Tire Supply catalog. To learn more, view the Company Timeline.

  • When did Myers Tire Supply become Myers Industries?

    In 1963, the company was renamed Myers Industries, Inc. to reflect its diversity in manufacturing and distribution.

  • What are Myers' product lines today?

    In our Material Handling Segment, we design, manufacture and market thousands of polymer based products, ranging from reusable plastic containers storing and transporting bulk goods, to portable fuel containers, and storage and safety cabinets for hazardous materials. In our Distribution Segment, we buy, sell, and manufacture more than 10,000 different items used in tire, wheel and undervehicle service and repair. These products range from small hand tools and rubber patches to large hydraulic lifts. Learn about our Product Brands.

  • Where is Myers located around the world?

    Myers Industries has 8 manufacturing facilities, covering the U.S. and Canada. We have regional distribution centers and sales offices covering most every major metropolitan area in the United States, as well as Central America.

  • How many employees does Myers have?

    We have approximately 1,800 employees worldwide.

  • When was the Initial Public Offering of Myers stock?

    The Initial Public Offering of Myers Industries Common Stock was in 1971 on the Nasdaq under the symbol MYE. In 1983, Myers listed on the American Stock Exchange and, in May 2001, Myers listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

  • When do Myers Industries' quarters end?

    First Quarter: January 1 thru March 31
    Second Quarter: April 1 thru June 30
    Third Quarter: July 1 thru September 30
    Fourth Quarter: October 1 thru December 31

  • Does Myers have a direct stock purchase plan?

    No, there is currently no direct stock purchase plan.

  • Does Myers pay a dividend to its shareholders?

    Yes, Myers has been paying a regular quarterly dividend to its shareholders for more than 40 years. Dividend history

  • Does Myers have a DRIP plan?

    Yes, Myers does have a Dividend Reinvestment and Stock Purchase Plan for our shareholders to automatically reinvest cash dividends and make voluntary cash investments in the Company's stock. Participating shareholders pay no brokerage commissions or other charges on purchases of shares under the Plan; all such commissions and charges are paid by the Company. For full details about participating in the Dividend Reinvestment Plan, please contact: Treasurer, Myers Industries, Inc., 1293 South Main Street, Akron, Ohio 44301. (330) 253-5592.

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Material Handling Segment
Myers Industries, Inc. is an international manufacturer of polymer-based returnable packaging and storage and safety products. Read More
Distribution Segment
Myers Industries, Inc. is the largest wholesale distributor of tire repair and retread products in North America. Read More

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Myers Industries (NYSE: MYE) is an international manufacturer of polymer-based material handling products and a wholesale distributor of tire repair and retread products. As a diversified manufacturing company, Myers Industries offers a broad range of products across multiple markets, including industrial, agriculture, food processing, healthcare, and consumer.